Upscale Apartments in the Heart of Downtown Silver Spring's never ending excitement. There was a time when people held salons, intimate gatherings of literary, artistic and cultural movers and shakers. At Citron, that era is back, in all its creative glory. Citron is an intimate counterpoint to its high-rise neighbors. A haven of serenity and elevated consciousness in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring's never-ending excitement. Amenity-rich, filled with features, green and sustainable, and always forward-thinking. There's a true sense of community here, with easily accessed gathering areas that invite social interaction, from light conversation to deep contemplation. Make time to get together with Citron Apartments.

This is Citronology - The Science of Living in Silver Spring.


Discover a new style of eco-friendly living in Silver Spring that puts you in the center of it all. It's about getting your electrons moving, engaging in with your surroundings, hanging out with friends. This is what Citron is all about - living in a place that provides you with infinite possibilities.


With sleek upscale finishes and a modern aesthetic in a green building, it's everything you could ask for in an apartment. Whether you're in the mood to make it kinetic or chill, it's totally up to you. After all, it's your element to enjoy.


There's an abundance of action in Silver Spring. We carried this feeling of flow into every fiber of Citron. From the welcoming gathering areas to the first-class amenities, there's a vibrancy, an undeniable energy that radiates throughout the building. So sit back, relax and observe, or be an active part of it. Either way, it's always here waiting for you.


Does being located at the nucleus of action and having unlimited options at your fingertips appeal to you? At Citron there's something new to find around every corner. The neighborhood is yours and you're in charge. So go out and try new things find the hidden gems, discover the newness that's all around.


Whatever your lifestyle calls for, Citron has the precise apartment layout to fit the bill. And whether you choose a studio, 1 or 2-bedroom apartment, you'll find the freedom you need to uncover everything you're looking for.


Do you feel it? The energy, the atmosphere, all the elements of contemporary living coming together in one place love to let you discover, in person, the chemistry of Citron living.
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